Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lisbon Day 2

Cold, dazzlingly sunny weather continues in this beautiful city.

Had a little spill on this beautiful uneven pavement which is everywhere. It's probably called the Lisbon Trip. I only brought one long-sleeved shirt which I've been wearing everyday, so was desperate for a laundromat. The hotel told me they don't have self-service laundries in Lisbon, so off I went in search of a traditional laundry. Then stumbled onto a 2-week old laundromat with a wonderfully kind proprietor who told me I had to go to the district of Chiado because it had lots of nice shops and the streets were full of life. They were - I liked it very much and walked for miles up and down hills.


She told me that Lisbon was built on 7 steep hills and that you need to take elevators, funiculars, the old trams, and escalators to get to the high districts. Here's the incredibly steep escalator located in the metro station. First you go way down and then you go way, way up.


In Chiado, I visited The Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporanea. A very grand name but a very small, and so-so collection. Here's two pieces I liked. I wrote the names of the Portuguese artists down on a piece of paper that I seem to have lost. 


A very European park at the top of Miseracordia

And the view

Snack of apple pastry and a galao at a cafe outside the metro station

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