Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fred and Pete shortlisted!

I am thrilled that Fred and Pete at the Beach has been shortlisted for two children's choice awards:

For videos, colouring pages and word puzzles, check out the Fred and Pete blog. Here's a picture of the clickable archive you'll find on the Fred and Pete Blog.

My book Mr. Got to Go and Arnie by Lois Simmie won the Shining Willow in 2003 which was pretty darn thrilling!

A wonderful school visit

My first year in the Children's Literature program at UBC has been brightened by invitations to present at schools. For me it's a real thrill to do quick portraits of children when demonstrating drawing and painting. Here's a lovely display that Judy Fung, teacher librarian par excellence, put up after my presentations at her school.

Teacher librarians are the cornerstone of literacy in our society. It is essential that the government restores funding so that every school can again have a full-time teacher librarian.