Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mister Got to Go at the Sylvia Hotel

The lovely Janine Fitkall and her wonderful students came for a day at the beach and a reading at the Sylvia of the yet-to-find-a-publisher Mister Got to Go, Where Are You? by Lois Simmie. The heritage hotel is the setting for the Mister Got to Go books. Plaudits to owner Jill Davies and manager Ross Dyck for their support of these Vancouver picture books. They hosted the presentation and even made the children delicious and very cute Mr. Got to Go sugar cookies. It was an exceptional way to spend a beautiful spring day.

A little Masterpiece

This book trailer for Lemony Snickett's and Maira Kalman's "13 words" is pure genius all by itself.
I've chosen digital materials for children as my thesis subject and am hoping to create my own app using one of my books.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blair School chooses Fred and Pete

Blagons: The Blair Book Dragons: Blair's Chocolate Lily Picture Book Award Winner!: "After weeks of reading and discussing the Chocolate Lily Picture Book Award nominees with all the primary classes, we did our big vote this ..."