Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Ducks of Nitobe Garden

The revisions to the art for Fred and Pete at the Beach have been handed in, so it's time to get back to The Ducks of Nitobe Garden which I'm doing with Simply Read Books.  The manuscript is done and the roughs finished and approved.  Next up is a meeting with the publisher and designer to decide on size and format of the book before I start on the final illustrations. Pictured here are my initial sketches that I sent out with the manuscript.  Final art is due by the end of November.

Book Camp at VPL

I've been asked to be the keynote speaker on August 12th at this year's Vancouver Public Library Book Camp for young writers.  It's wonderfully easy and fun to be with kids who are so excited about books. I was a bookworm myself from a very young age. 

Choco Lily!

I was completely surprised to learn Honey Cake had won the Chocolate Lily Award. It's such a quiet, serious little book and not the sort of thing you'd expect to win as a popular choice.  The small organization (about 2 people) running this BC kids' choice award really goes all out. I almost feel guilty getting my lovely trophy and certificate for the 40 illustrations I did for this book. But I did go all the way to Copenhagen to research it, so not too guilty. It really is the most aptly named award: the chocolate lily is a plant native to British Columbia.