Friday, August 1, 2014

National Post video review of Got to Go

Thank you to Mark Medley of the National Post for his thoughtful and generous video review of Mister Got to Go Where Are you? (2nd in the video). And congratulations to my friends at Tradewind for a great review of Pierre Pratt and Kari Lynn Winters's No Matter What Friends.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wonderful Launch for Mr Got to Go Where Are You?

It was a beautiful first day of summer on English Bay. The launch was a big success thanks to Susan McGuigan of Kidsbooks who organized everything, including making the poster and handling the book sales, and the Sylvia Hotel who hosted the event. The hotel put us in the bistro with a gorgeous view of the beach and people enjoying themselves on the patio. 

They served coffee and tea and the chef made fantastic iced cat cookies. 

For the kids, we had an activity table with crayons, pencil crayons and scissors. I made a colouring page of the endpaper map with a second page of cutouts with folding tabs to stand up the buildings, boats and characters to create a 3D effect. If you weren't able to come to the launch you can download these here. For the map, you can print out the right and left sides of the map and gluestick them together, or print out the 11x17 size if your printer allows.

There was a long table of art for sale, and displays of sketchbooks and reference materials. Art sales were very satisfactory.

The queue for signed books was so long,  I didn't stop signing for 2 solid hours. It was very moving to discover what love people still have for this picturebook series.

I gave a very brief talk, remarking that this is my favourite of Lois Simmie's three manuscripts, and how thrilled I was that the story not only featured Vancouver's beauty spots but included the downtown east side and the kindness of one homeless man towards the cat.  I also spoke a bit about new techniques in children's book illustration and explained how two of the book's illustrations only exist digitally, holding up the original watercolour of the Granville street neon lights and telling how the neon effect was achieved by turning the art into its colour negative in photoshop. You can see my blog post on how that was done here.

I didn't manage to take any pictures but I hope people who attended may send me a few. Here's one of me at the end of a wonderful afternoon, all packed up and heading out for a celebratory ice cream.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Launch at the Sylvia Hotel!

Please come for the launch of  
Mister Got to Go, Where Are You?
at the Sylvia Hotel on
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 2-4 pm

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Caperucita Roja App update

I'm so excited to see this new video on the progress of CaperucitaApp. Everything about it is so beautiful: Paloma Valdivia's incredible art and characterizations - so full of invention and surprises!, the beautiful little animations, the design. I think the way the lines of poetry need to be placed to understand the text and to reveal more of the picture is just brilliant. The music is so moving - it's fantastic that  original music has been commissioned and  recorded professionally. I love the way all the characters vocalize with musical sounds, like in Peter and the Wolf. And I love love love the narration done by an incredible actor! This is truly a work of art in the making. Almost nothing done in the English-speaking children's app world can compare to this. Here, there is very little practice of collaboration with artists in different fields, such as musicians, poets, and actors.
I have the app of Es Asi and the lite version of this one. I'm so looking forward to see this rich, innovative artwork made especially for the platform of children's apps.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Animations from Travel Sketchbooks

Diarios de viaje animados from Maria Lorenzo on Vimeo.
One of my favourite presentions at Confia 2013 was by Dr MariĆ” Lorenzo. Here is a Diarios de viaje animados, a documentary video version of her presentation.

Successful Confia presentation

"Transmission"  by the brilliant Nina Paley expresses my conference  experience
My hard work on my Confia slide presentation and paper really paid off. People really seemed to like it and I got a lot of questions during and nice comments afterwards. I'm very happy.
The other attendees were really friendly and engaged. I met some wonderful people with whom I hope to stay in touch (some are pictured below in photos gleaned from facebook albums of Confia and conference speaker, Yan Zheng).

showing flip animation in The Incredible Book Eating Boy 
giving my talk

my panel with dusk falling on Porto behind us

Hans-Martin Rall spoke on comics for reportage
  lovely Yan, children's lit PhD candidate

fantastic keynote by Paul Wells, animator

Dr MariĆ  Lorenzo on animated travel sketchbooks

Thoughtful & articulate illustrator Roderick Mills, & brilliant writer on picturebook illustratn, artist Martin Salisbury
group photo of Confia 2013 attendees

Mister Got to Go Where Are You? postponed

Dear, oh dearie me! The book arrived a week ago, only to be minus text on two of the spreads. So it has to be reprinted, which will take another two months (sob!).