Monday, February 11, 2019

Serving time for protesting the pipeline

Sentenced to 14 days for blocking the road to the Kinder Morgan facility. A symbolic gesture: the trucks used a 2nd entrance and there were 5 of us arrested on August 20, 2018, all seniors except for one young woman sat on folding chairs on an empty road. Now serving time. It will be 14 days reduced to 10, served over 1 day and 3 weekends. Here are some drawings of my cell. Will write more later but right now I want to try to enjoy the snowy morning, catch up on my work and try to shake off this depression. Only paper available are the backs of forms. Stubby pencils like the kind in the library–no erasers. The suction seal on the pencil sharpener is broken so it's a 2-person operation - one to try to hold the sharpener steady on the countertop, the other to sharpen.