Sunday, December 8, 2013

Successful Confia presentation

"Transmission"  by the brilliant Nina Paley expresses my conference  experience
My hard work on my Confia slide presentation and paper really paid off. People really seemed to like it and I got a lot of questions during and nice comments afterwards. I'm very happy.
The other attendees were really friendly and engaged. I met some wonderful people with whom I hope to stay in touch (some are pictured below in photos gleaned from facebook albums of Confia and conference speaker, Yan Zheng).

showing flip animation in The Incredible Book Eating Boy 
giving my talk

my panel with dusk falling on Porto behind us

Hans-Martin Rall spoke on comics for reportage
  lovely Yan, children's lit PhD candidate

fantastic keynote by Paul Wells, animator

Dr MariĆ  Lorenzo on animated travel sketchbooks

Thoughtful & articulate illustrator Roderick Mills, & brilliant writer on picturebook illustratn, artist Martin Salisbury
group photo of Confia 2013 attendees

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