Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mister Got to Go Where Are You?

Rough for pp18-19. Mr. G is lost and has found refuge on the roof of an old shed.

Lois Simmie has written a wonderful final book called Mr. Got to Go, Where are You? for the final volume in the trilogy. It will be published at the end of this year by Red Deer Press and the Sylvia Hotel will be hosting a launch party for all the readers as part of the hotel's 100th anniversary celebrations. The launch will be sometime in October to December--the time will firm up as the year progresses.

Right now I'm busily working on the second stage of the illustration process, which is to turn the rough sketches into clean final line drawings on watercolour paper. When the line drawings are finished, I'll start painting. It's going to be very challenging to get the painting done and the art scanned by June 1st which is the absolutely latest deadline Red Deer can give me and still get the book out in 2013.

Our editor, Peter Carver, emailed 2 days ago, curious to see any finished line art, so I quickly snapped 9 photos with my ipad of what I've completed so far. You can see a slide show below or see the set of drawings here.  I don't work on the illustrations in the order they are in the book, so you'll only be able to guess at the plot.


  1. Wow! hats off to you Cynthia for getting this far and best wishes as you race to your deadline in June. I know the time/work that you have poured into these drawings is already phenomenal, and the drawings are too! I look forward to the book clebration at the Sylvia!

  2. I am delighted to see your post today Cynthia. It is looking great! I like this post and the slide show presentation is such a neat way to show the work in progress.

  3. I'm so excited to read and see the new book of Mr. Got To Go Where Are You? My kids and I are true fans! Every time we go into the Sylvia Hotel it is to see Mr. Got To Go pictures and read the books on the hotel couch. It doesn't matter that we have all the books at home as there is nothing like reading it at the hotel. Both my kids have a grey cat they call Mr. Got To Go! So when things get crazy, just remember your part in children's literature makes a wonderful difference in many people's lives. A principal shared Mr. Got To Go with me ten years ago and I've read it to my grade one classes ever since. Your books and illustrations are a wonderful way for children learn about the community around them and its charming history! You can bet my family and I will be at the launch at the hotel!!! Janine Fitkall from