Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My first Animation

My first attempt at animation. Watch for the dog's breathing at the very start.

To do this animation, I started off with a scanned image of one of my paintings that had a series of photos of dogs with painted wings collaged onto it. Then I used cut, paste, and cloning in photoshop to get a bunch of little dogs and a background empty of dogs to work with. I used the animation function in photoshop to move the dogs along their journey from the sleeping dog's brain to Sirius, the dog constellation. I saved this as a series of AVI files rather than have one gigantic file. I opened the AVI files in imovie where I spliced them together, and added music and titles.

This is kind of clunky but in doing it I learned a lot and think I can make the next one a lot smoother. I'd like to try to make an animation of my book, When Cats Go Wrong, next. With its accompanying song, flat backgrounds and simple figures, I think it's a good candidate for this method.

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