Friday, December 26, 2008

Fred and Pete due out Fall 2009

Orca will be publishing Fred and Pete. After eight rounds with the editor the manuscript is now finished.  Next I completed the roughs and sent them off to the art director.  The next step is to gather all the photos for the approved spreads and start tinkering with them in photoshop. This is quite the job and includes photos I shot in film then had converted to digital files, and photos by Ron, the owner, as was, of Fred and Pete from his bewildering archives.  Finding negatives requires that he tear his house apart with no certainty that they'll ever be found.  I'm pretty sure though that we have all the negs and digital files for the story. Here is the rough for the first page.  The final art will be photo/acrylic collage.  I'm really enjoying the process of doing the first picture book that I will have both written and illustrated.

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